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Are you considering commissioning a unique artwork that resonates with your personal style and space?  Explore here a diverse range of Merelyn's works. Each piece embodies the commitment and artistry that defines her craft.

You'll find an array of "Shapes and Forms" to choose from. These serve as a starting point for your creative journey. Feel free to explore the possibilities and select the shape that speaks to you.

Additionally, Merelyn is pleased to offer flexibility in terms of size and color. Once you've chosen a shape, you can specify your preferred size and color during the commissioning process. 

When you're ready to bring a tailored plaster art piece into your life, simply head over to the Contact page. There, you can provide Merelyn with details about your preferences, and she'll collaborate closely with you to craft an artwork that embodies your vision.


Merelyn Gonzalez collaborates closely with a select frame workshop to offer framing options for her paintings. This service provides the opportunity to have your artwork elegantly framed according to your preferences. It's worth noting that the artworks hold their own intrinsic beauty even without frames.

Thanks for submitting!

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